Reflections from a Solo

I sat on top of Mt. Yekel – by the way, I had the best seat in the house – to see the sea of mountains and nature unfolding. I did some sketching and introspected in my solo experience and I came up with this:

Our forefathers understood the importance of ‘God’s Country’ and held onto those acts of virtue and freedom and goodness in the hearts of mankind. Some men are deceitful, others may try your soul. However, there is the spirit of hope, even in the midst of darkness. This drives us to survive in the wilderness, in the woods, in the parks, in the suburban setting. We must not be driven by uncertainty or fear, but through the resilience now for a better tomorrow.

So now, I will look you in the eyes – George Washington, Henry David Thoreau, that I appreciate the assistance in getting to a new point of self actualization. I am ok because I am among my brothers sisters and family and friends.

Don’t desecrate these lands of ours, observe nature and respect humankind- big and small. Brings me to this-what can I do to advocate and be a true leader?

– Jimmy Strange

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