Enjoy These Videos of Our Veteran Hut Trips

HFV Alumni Meets 10th Mountain Veteran

Huts for Vets alumni and 10th Mountain Division veteran Mike Greenwood had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with 99 year-old John Tripp, a veteran of the original 10th Mountain Division, the elite ski troop that trained in the mountains of Colorado and fought some of the fiercest battles in Europe during WW2. We will be sharing more excerpts from their conversation, but for now here is a short glimpse into their meeting and John’s thoughts on nature’s capacity to heal.

The Huts For Vets Program

Huts for Vets brings groups of male and female combat veterans and active-duty service members into the Colorado wilderness to share nature, camaraderie and healing.

Increasing studies show that a wilderness setting provides military veterans with a more effective therapy when compared to treatment provided in clinical institutional settings. The groups are typically comprised of veterans from the last three wars – Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait – but have included Vietnam and Korean War veterans as well.

Iraqi War veteran Daniel Coleman, entered the following into the log book at the Margy Hut: “This was my first time in the wild and it was with the best group of veterans I’ve ever been with. Huts for Vets and my fellow warriors saved my life over the last four days together. Finding healing from all the things we’ve experienced could not have happened in a better place.”

Huts For Vets Women’s Program July 2017

Huts For Vets first women’s group of the 2017 season recently headed up to the 10th Mountain Division Margy’s Hut, to spend time in the Colorado wilderness. New to the program this year is an additional day of equine therapy at Smiling Goat Ranch in Carbondale, CO.

Huts For Vets Alumni Program 2017

Here’s a glimpse into a remarkable four days we spent with Huts For Vets Alumni who came back for the 2017 training program in the Colorado wilderness. These incredibly dedicated veterans are taking the next step in their journey of service – learning to lead programs and discussions for fellow veterans both here and in their own communities. Joining us this year was Leigh Hafrey, a professor from MIT, Sloan Business School and a senior moderator at the Aspen Institute. It was great to have Leigh join us for the whole program to give feedback and advice to our participants. We rounded off our time in the mountains with a day of equine therapy at Smiling Goat Ranch in Carbondale, CO.

Huts For Vets Men’s Program August 2017

We had a large group of veterans on our August 2017 trip, all of whom came with a determination to move their lives forward after the experiences from their deployments. We honor them all for their resilience and their courage in making Huts For Vets one of the steps in that journey.
Joining us on this trip as co-leader was Huts For Vets Alumni Mike Greenwood. We were also delighted to have Thomas Prater return this year. Thomas participated in our very first Huts For Vets program in 2013 and this summer brought fellow veterans with him to share the experience of healing in the wilderness. Welcome and thanks to all for a memorable weekend.

Huts For Vets Men's Program September 2016

Our last Huts For Vets program of 2016 included Huts For Vets Alumni Mike Greenwood of Team Red White and Blue and Alumni Chad Pritchard. Chad brought three fellow army veterans who he served with in Iraq. It’s such a pleasure to have veterans return to our program to help moderate the discussions and talk to veterans new to the program about the benefits of spending time in nature, and healing in the wilderness.