Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a trip?
Nothing. HFV covers all expenses, including travel.

Who qualifies as a candidate for a trip?
HFV selects men and women veterans who have experienced trauma as a result of their service.

What are the physical demands of a trip?
Fairly strenuous as we hike more than seven miles up to altitudes over 11,000 feet on wilderness mountain trails

How do I get to Aspen?
HFV will fly you to Aspen or pay gas money if you live within driving range, all at our expense.

What do I need to bring?
Outdoor hiking gear for all weather including sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes/boots. A complete packing list will be sent to you a month before your trip.

How do I prepare for a trip?
Walk as much as possible and ramp up your cardiovascular/aerobic endurance by working heart and lungs.

What should I expect on a trip other than hiking?
HFV trips include discussions on a wide range of topics contained in our readings notebook, which you will receive a month before your trip.

What meals are served on a trip?
HFV provides delicious, nutritious meals of mostly locally grown foods with an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

How soon will I know if I’m selected for a trip?
You will be notified at least a month in advance of a trip.

Are service dogs allowed?
No. The 10th Mountain Hut System has a policy that prohibits dogs.

Who will be on my trip?
Other veterans like you who have served in any military branch.

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