Wilderness Solo: My bond with Nature’s Spirit

What did I see:

Life, death, wind, trees swaying, grinding one another

Death supporting Life, Life supporting Death,
new growth, new beginnings, foliage, earth floor with droppings
brush and flowers, birds, tree breaks, limbs on ground, flies, mosquitoes, ants, and bees

Aspens & Spruce (pine) growing together
untouched, natural, primitive; God’s creation

What did I feel:

Peace, healing
Earth’s natural home, I am alone, peace, tranquility,
Spiritual healing (the purpose of wilderness)

One plant growing next to another
no pride, no selfishness, no racism, no separation or segregation
because of species, color, size, bush or tree
all blending harmoniously together; cohesiveness
Bonding as brothers in a natural form.

There is no war, animosity, hatred, or boundaries of separation,
male, female species – no gender discrimination

A dead leaf falls to the ground,
blending within the blanket that contains many seedlings,
with dead branches, tree bark, and animal remains
that will make up the compost nutrition for new life.

A cycle of reproduction that only you can see
from the experience of being part of the wilderness
and what it means for our own self-healing.
The cycle of life exists in the forest.
What a beautiful creation our Lord has created.

Let’s NOT abuse, destroy or hinder its existence.
Man’s contribution is ‘not to obstruct this natural cycle’

Nature talks to us through the breeze that sways the trees,
the flies that are curious about us, the ant that crawls on our leg,
and the mosquito that wants some food.

There is no stopping the cycle of life that is in the wilderness.
The Spirit of the forest – talks, sways the branches with its breath,
shines light down for growth, gives rain for the thirsty ground
making the nutrients for food for our friends – the forest.

Healing by the wilderness – a tree scrapes another – saying hello, welcome to my forest. The wind, the breath of life, also says hello; the fly buzzing says hello.

The forest can supply the needs of our friends (the animals) then what more do we need? Our needs are met with its edible growth, shelter for our abode, and communication with the Spirit that is the Father of the Wilderness.

I finalize my connection with the wilderness Spirit to lie down, looking up; how amazing to see the canopy of tree tops, the sky, and the wind (breath) moving the trees.

I felt a connection; the forest is my friend. I cried; I did not want to leave. I will return to my friend again, remembering the solitude and solo time spent.

Peace, brother. Live on.

DBD 23