The calming and healing powers of nature are scientifically proven. A wilderness therapy program results in lower blood pressure and stress relief. The Huts For Vets methodology is unique among veterans programs because it weaves wilderness therapy with philosophical discussions, physical challenges, and camaraderie at the 10th Mountain Huts of Aspen.

Our notebook of pre-assigned readings provides content and context to the wilderness experience and to the often traumatic results of military service. Carefully moderated discussions at Margy’s Hut, in a deep forest glade, a wildflower meadow, or on a mountaintop, open minds to history, philosophy, nature, health and much more.

This unique blend of body and mind provides peace, tranquility and deep insights into the psychology of the warrior – and it all happens in just four days over a long weekend in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Our wilderness therapy programs are gender specific because that way the comfort level is increased, inviting a more open and easy conversation among peers. Our focus clientele is any veteran who has experienced trauma as a result of their service.

Hiking is a major part of our program, so at this time we are unable to serve the seriously disabled. However, we do our best to accommodate veterans with special needs. Our capable and experienced staff can iron out obstacles in order to make Huts For Vets as inclusive as possible. We cover all expenses, including transportation.

A little about us


Huts for Vets was founded in Aspen, Colorado in January 2013 to provide, at no cost to participants, wilderness and communal experiences as therapeutic healing for U.S. veterans and active-duty service members.


To help veterans adjust to and enjoy civilian life by gaining tools for enhancing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


To fully engage participants at psychological and experiential levels through immersion in wilderness, physical challenge, group discussions and contemplative thought – making wilderness a place of national healing.