Veterans and PTSD Wilderness Progam

We run these trips at no expense to the participant, that means we cover transportation, food and lodging while on one of our trips. We don’t want the participant worrying about much other then enjoying the wilderness. Our methodology is unique among veterans and ptsd programs because it weaves wilderness therapy with philosophical discussions, physical challenges, and camaraderie in the wilderness. We hope this video gives you a good understanding of what to expect while on one of our trips.


  • An unconventional, nature-based approach to psychological healing beyond traditional therapies, clinics and pharmaceuticals
  • Rigorous hiking in the Colorado wilderness (elev. 8,500-12,000 ft.)
  • Communal sharing of duties at a rustic mountain cabin at 11,300 ft.
  • Small groups selected for normalizing experiences
  • Philosophical discussions guided by a trained moderator
  • Supportive, unstructured conversations with fellow participants
  • On board psychologist trained in PTSD interventions
Healing veterans and ptsd


  • Qualifying psychological questionnaire required to assure formation of compatible and effective support grouping
  • Privacy and confidentiality respected
  • Psychological interventions available in the field when appropriate
  • Follow-up contacts with fellow participants
  • Huts for Vets staff is trained in wilderness First Aid


  • Interact with fellow veterans in a small group (12 participants max.)
  • Experience therapeutic calming techniques
  • Discover peace, tranquility, and an expanded sense of belonging
  • Explore healing opportunities through wilderness hiking and group discussions
  • Link to other therapeutic approaches and a menu of PTSD programs


  • Three days of hiking in the wilderness
  • Communal sharing at the 10th Mountain Huts
  • Formal and informal group discussions
  • Psychological interventions when appropriate
  • Follow-up contacts with fellow participants