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Huts for Vets was founded in Aspen, Colorado in January 2013 to provide, at no cost to participants, wilderness and communal experiences as therapeutic healing for U.S. veterans and active-duty service members.


To help veterans adjust to and enjoy civilian life by gaining tools for enhancing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


To fully engage participants at psychological and experiential levels through immersion in wilderness, physical challenge, group discussions and contemplative thought – making wilderness a place of national healing.


  • Qualifying psychological questionnaire required to assure formation of compatible and effective support grouping
  • Privacy and confidentiality respected
  • Psychological interventions available in the field when appropriate
  • Follow-up contacts with fellow participants
  • Huts for Vets staff is trained in wilderness First Aid


  • Interact with fellow veterans in a small group (12 participants max.)
  • Experience therapeutic calming techniques
  • Discover peace, tranquility, and an expanded sense of belonging
  • Explore healing opportunities through wilderness hiking and group discussions
  • Link to other therapeutic approaches and a menu of PTSD programs