Compassion Fest and Film Festival “Walk With Frank”

We believe that walking is an essential ingredient to well being.

At Huts For Vets we address the Body, Mind and Spirit. “Walking”, or in our case hiking, is the Body. But walking is also a way to process thoughts and ideas. Our veterans walk up these mountain trails together, as a cohesive unit, supporting each other to get up to the hut, because it’s a rigorous hike. After almost 10 miles of walking, there’s a sense of relief and relaxation. But also, a preparedness has occurred, so that, as we get into our readings and discussions during our time in the mountains, thoughts seem more clarified and may be expressed better.

Join the Compassion Film Festival® and Huts for Vets for a special online film event from Thursday, February 17th – Sunday, February 20th. “Walk With Frank” is a film about self-discovery, mental health, and a truly honest look at how PTSD and mental health impact our society. After the film, join Paul Andersen, executive director of Huts For Vets, as he interviews filmmakers Ryan and Matt Mayers and documentary subject Frank Romeo.

Our thoughts on walking and why its key to our program:

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